Beauty Magazine Name Ideas

Beauty Magazine Name Ideas

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Looking for a catchy and creative name for your new beauty magazine? Check out these ideas!

1. Choose a name that reflects your brand and target audience.

When naming your beauty magazine, you want to be sure that the name reflects your brand and targets your audience. It’s also important to think about what keywords people might use to find your magazine online. For example, if you’re targeting women in their 20s, consider choosing a name like “20something Life.” If you have a men’s interest magazine, consider names like “Man Style Guide.” And finally, if you have a general interest beauty magazine that includes both genders, choose something like “Beauty Basics for Everyone! ”

2. Keep it simple and easy to remember.

When naming your beauty magazine, it’s important to keep things simple and easy for customers to remember. Use only unique and catchy names that are also easily pronounceable. For example, if you’re thinking of naming your magazine “Inked,” try using a name like Inked Beauty or Inked Boutique instead of something like Inked Intimates or Inked Style. Keep the name as short as possible so it doesn’t take up too much space on the screen and be sure to use hyphens (-) between words where necessary.

3. Make sure the domain is available!

When choosing a beauty magazine name, it’s important to make sure the domain is available. There are a few resources you can use to check this: Google Search, WHOIS and Network Solutions. However, if you want to be sure that your chosen beauty magazine name is unavailable or not currently in use by another business, you can also contact the registry of trademarks at or call 1-800-853-3400.

4. Use online tools to help you come up with ideas.

When it comes to naming your new beauty magazine, you don’t want to be stuck brainstorming with no ideas. That’s where online tools can come in handy. There are a number of free and paid resources that can help you come up with different names for your magazine, as well as logos and graphics. The best way to find the right tool for you is by doing some research on what others are using, and then trying out a few yourself.

fashion and beauty magazine name ideas

When it comes to naming your business, there’s no wrong answer. But you need to think about what your goals are for the company and what type of audience you want to reach. Plus, it’s important that the name can be easily remembered by potential customers. Here are a few ideas to get started:

-The New York Times Style Magazine

-Vogue Italia

-Elle France

-Marie Claire Germany

beauty magazine cover template

If you’re looking for a creative and original name for your new beauty magazine, these ideas might help.

1. The Fresh Face

When you’re thinking of a name for your beauty magazine, don’t forget that you can be creative and appeal to multiple demographics. Think about words and phrases that describe the kind of content you want to feature, as well as things that attract your target audience. For example, consider using terms like “fresh faced” or “refreshing approach to beauty.” Or maybe focus on services or products rather than product reviews? Whatever makes sense for your business is fine—just make sure the name is catchy, easy to remember and reflects who your magazine is aimed at.

2. Fit to Flare

Beauty magazines are a dime a dozen these days, but there’s one that stands out from the rest – and it has its name straight from the heart. Fit to Flare is all about inspiring women to feel beautiful inside and out. From fitness tips to diet advice, our magazine has everything you need to keep your figure on point and your mind focused on what matters most: YOU!

3. Glamour Shots

When it comes to naming your beauty magazine, think about what speaks to you and your target audience. For example, if you’re targeting women who are interested in fashion and beauty, consider using words like “glamour” or “style.” You can also use adjectives that describe a woman’s look (e.g., exotic, modern beauties) or focus on lifestyle topics (traveling tips for upcoming brides). When choosing a name for your magazine, make sure it has potential brand names attached (i.e., Glamour Shots Canada), so you can start getting some top-tier advertisers on board right off the bat!

4. Cover Girl

Are you looking for a unique beauty magazine name? Cover Girl is the perfect option. Not only does it have an interesting and catchy name, but it also resonates with many women. Plus, the phrase “cover girl” is often used to describe beautiful women or celebrities in the media. So if you want your magazine to stand out from the pack, choose Cover Girl as your go-to beauty brand name!

5. Pretty Perfections

When it comes to naming a beauty magazine, all you have to do is think about what sounds appealing to your market. There are plenty of creative and catchy ideas out there, so it’s up to you to find the right one for your business. Consider things like the type of audience you’re targeting (women, men or both?), the tone of your magazine and what keywords people are likely to use when searching for similar content online.

beauty magazine article ideas

When starting a beauty magazine, it’s important to have an idea for what you want your publication to be. Do you want a glossy lifestyle magazine with fashion tips and products? Or do you want something that is more educational, focusing on educating readers about new and exciting beauty trends? Essentially, what kind of tone are you going for? Once you know this, it’s time to start brainstorming ideas for how your magazine could be different from the rest. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Feature different types of people in every issue

– whether they be celebrities, everyday women or men who use beauty products in unique ways. This will show that your publication is inclusive and doesn’t just cater to skinny white girls with perfect hair.

-Provide reader reviews so that readers can see if the advice given in each issue matches their personal style.

-Invest in graphics and design so that each page looks professional (even if your circulation

So there you have it—five beauty magazine name ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. When choosing a name for your business, be sure to think about what type of audience you want to reach and what words or phrases resonate with them. And don’t forget to check the availability of the domain name!

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