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Hair Cut And Color Charlottesville – This appointment can be at the salon or nearby and can provide the hairdresser with important information about your hair, its history, the products or treatments you have used/used, and colors before proceeding with the required service. A consultation is required for any new hair extension placement and new clients interested in a color change or color correction.

This service creates smooth permanent or semi-permanent waves with a natural look or curly texture for style-conscious clients. It adds volume, texture and style and can be tailored to enhance, balance or compliment the hair’s natural texture. Many hair types can benefit from fine and thin to thin and thick.

Hair Cut And Color Charlottesville

This semi-permanent treatment lasts approximately 12 weeks and is completely customizable, it improves the condition of the hair, eliminates lines, increases manageability and softens the cuticle. Many hair types can benefit from fine and thin to thin and thick. Our most requested service!

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This luxury service is for clients looking to add volume, thickness and/or length. Our custom hand tied extensions allow for maximum flexibility and wearability without damaging the client’s natural hair. The initial package includes a consultation, natural hair color, coloring, cutting and styling extensions as needed, as well as home care products and a mini styling lesson.

After 6-8 weeks, hand-tied extensions will grow out and need to be removed and re-attached to maintain healthy hair. Note: Time and price includes paint service, styling and maintenance

Includes consultation, Signature haircut, personalization and styling. Long-lasting, beautifully customized hair color services that create shine and/or depth and volume. It requires complex application, craftsmanship, creativity and extensive knowledge of hair coloring techniques including but not limited to curls, balayage, braids or baby lights.

Includes consultation, Signature haircut, personalization and styling. One color is used to mix natural hair with pre-dyed hair. Gray is recommended for covering/blending, adding color or enriching the base. If it’s been more than 4 months since your hair was professionally colored, choose the ALLOVER option. If you want to lighten your hair, choose the STRENGTH/DIMENSION option.

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Includes consultation, Signature haircut, personalization and styling. A one-dimensional hair color that adds shine and control. Recommended: for the first time dyeing, when changing hair color, fighting against sun exposure and recovery after further processing. Hair dye is usually applied to all hair from root to tip.

Usually, this is for customers who want a big change. Examples include, but are not limited to, removing an old hair color and “going gray,” fixing a previous hair color job, a fantasy or regular color. This service includes all colors, customized repairs, guaranteed builders, Signature haircuts and styles, as well as home care products. Advice and deposit required. Ask how we can help you “go gray”!

Signature Hairstyle: Professional styles, styles tailored to personal needs and lifestyles. Hair length between the chin and above the shoulders is recommended for most clients.

SIGNATURE SHORT HAIR/PIXIE: Professional styles, styles tailored to personal needs and lifestyles. Recommended for many clients who start their hair length shorter than the chin and have short layers around the ears, curly necks, textured or undercuts.

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SIGNATURE LONG/THICK HAIRSTYLE: Professional styling and straightening of hair longer than shoulder length that has not been professionally cut within the last 6 months, or a major style change to suit individual needs and lifestyle.

SIGNATURE HAIR: Uses special hair cutting techniques for wavy, curly or curly hair types. Stylists see how each curl falls and create it individually based on the client’s lifestyle and needs. Recommended for clients who want to work with wavy, curly or oily texture. Usually, this hair only requires maintenance every 3-4 months.

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