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Hair Cutting Style Hero – It turns out that men don’t always want to keep their hair straight and black because life has too many options and colors to offer. See how B-town men styled their hair like pros!

Whether you hated it or were just too lazy to shave, going to the hairdresser was an option until the pandemic hit the world. The past year has given you too many opportunities to complain about anything but the times you became your own hairdresser. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hairstylist, you must have taken this selfie to further your skills with your new hairstyle. It has its own thrill, we totally agree.

Hair Cutting Style Hero

Now that everything seems to be going smoothly, you can go back to your favorite place to style your hair. And if you thought there were only a few hairstyles for men to try, you’re definitely missing out on a lot of fun and color. Give it a try, because why play it safe, most of the time? Even if you want to go back to your old hairstyle, you can always do it, but maybe with some color or tapering? Ahead, see how B-town men inspire us with their messy or offbeat styles, they got our hearts racing and pumping so fast!

Famous Retro Hairstyles Bollywood Actors

The Daddy actor stunned everyone, and we’re quick to admit that we still can’t take our eyes off this play of color. Bold, brilliant and truly inspiring! A hairstyle he got for one of his upcoming films, Arjun Rampal has set every level higher with spiky, platinum-colored hair. His beard has been kept black to capture the spotlight on his hair alone. Yes, dapper-cool is his middle name.

Who says messy hair isn’t trendy? We mean cute mess. If you don’t like straight hair, you probably shouldn’t be. Love Aaj Kal 2 actor Kartik Aarya makes us WOWED as always in this messy yet blonde black hair.

The key to nailing it is confidence, and we envy that in Jodhaa Akbar actor Hrithik Roshan. His lookbook features everything from shades to messy edgy updos, and here we see her in a side-parted hairstyle with the top dyed a golden hue. You can try an undercut with this look when you’re ready for a change.

If the progression fades and the colors feel like something you don’t want to indulge in, don’t worry. Try boomerang hairstyle just like Street Dancer 3D star Varun Dhawan. He went for a low fade option that almost made it look like he didn’t have one and his locks were semi-toned.

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Beating the blues has always been good, and here’s how you can do it with your hairstyle. Forget the old days and paint it blue like actor Masaan. Vicky Kaushal went well with a faded look accented with stripes and floral designs while her crown was lifted and shaded with a mix of pale green and blue. What’s your favourite colour? Let’s hope it’s both.

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For the latest Bollywood news, Telugu news, entertainment exclusives, gossip, movie reviews and more, follow our website and YouTube channel or visit our social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! The groom’s best haircut is e.g. important for the bride to get a good hairstyle for the wedding ceremony. It’s about the groom’s wedding hairstyle. Long hair, short hair and wedding hairstyles for everyone.

Wedding hair is extremely important and makes a man look his best on his wedding day. Like the bride, the groom doesn’t wear much makeup or dresses. The haircut is one of the most important things for the groom.

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Starting with the most unique style that is just amazing and haircuts that suit your face shape and size. A hairstyle adorned with confidence and style.

Whether you have thin or thick hair, it doesn’t matter. The groom’s final haircut also depends on the length and color of the hair. This is one of the first and most exclusive things a man must do before the wedding ceremony.

Men should have a short hairstyle. It’s all about the unique haircut that makes every style different. If a man has longer hair than most other men, he can make the style even better.

When the natural structure of the hair is not a problem. All you have to do is choose a good hairstyle and your barber will make it happen with just a pair of scissors.

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Men usually have curly hair which makes it easier for them to take care of their hair. A back brush and a nice beard complete the look. Your hair type and style. These two things make it look better, organized and elegant.

Apart from these, there are many other looks that make long hairstyles look better and more organized. In a sense, this is a must for all newly weds in India. Here we have listed some of the most stylish Indian groom haircuts.

A classic haircut includes two main things, firstly, a good voluminous hairstyle. Secondly, this is a hairstyle that also works in a very different way.

The top of the hair is grouped for combing and styling. This groom haircut works with the back brushing technique.

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If you want to make this hairstyle wearable, ask your stylist to smooth the front a bit. As a good option decorated with small spikes.

These are the hairstyles that suit the groom well. A person who is getting married should do a brushed hairstyle for the wedding ceremony.

This is a great hairstyle and not one of the more common styles of the day. This is one of those haircuts where the hairstylist doesn’t have to work with the cut.

The cut and trim is not that long and this type of hairstyle is more than enough. Miesnumpu’s hairstyle should include only two things.

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First of all, a good fluffy haircut that makes hair length and styling super easy and stand out throughout the day.

This is a very fine haircut where the stylist wouldn’t need to do much. you just have to work with the length and match it to your unique style.

This hairstyle is extremely popular and the main attraction lies in the simple cut designed on the top of the head. This is a great haircut for men.

Buzz-Cut Hairstyle is a very simple and chunky stylish cut. This type of hairstyle is more than simple for many people and this type of style stays the whole time. Uppena Movie Hero Vaishnav Teja Media Conference

This is a very beautiful hairstyle styled in the most naturalistic way. Such a groom haircut, where the size is really small and accurate.

This is one of the coolest and most beautiful hairstyles in which the stylist can run up the sides with a clipper. This is a professionally done haircut for the groom.

The Undercut hairstyle is a fade hair styled along the side of the head, above the ears, and also around the crown. This type of hairstyle is very popular in many parts of India.

Such hairstyles are really amazing and these styles have been popular recently. Fade Haircut or Undercut Hair Cut has become popular in the past couple of years.

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This is a very wearable look and an outfit like this will no doubt be well styled and elegant. Such popular haircuts are simple, minimal and very stylish too.

This is one of the most popular hairstyles in India, made with two main points only. Firstly, a good hairstyle, and secondly, a well-groomed model for the site.

Pompadour is an elegant look that is very different from the usual look. This is a front extension technique that makes the sides look very decorative and elegant.

Such a look can be chosen by any man and person, regardless of the natural composition of his hair. This is a look that can be done for anyone and everyone.

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Volume makes a man look younger and gives the groom the confidence he needs for the wedding ceremony. This is a very cool look, what I like the most is its unique shape.

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