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Editors’ Letter

New York City














Freya Mavor

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Freya Mavor

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Constellation. We’re so happy you’re here!

In spring 2016, the spark to start this publication was lit. We wondered: Why not invite a group of courageous, talented, and diverse women working in the arts—some we knew, others we simply admired—to make something together? Little did we know just how far our vast constellation of women would stretch once we sent this spark into the universe.

Constellation celebrates both emerging and established female-identifying creators from across the globe. While we’ve rooted this first issue in five cities—New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tokyo—you will also encounter women originally hailing from Scotland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, San Antonio, Texas, and countless places in between.

As you explore Issue One, some of you might even find future collaborators in the process. We encourage you to reach out to anyone whose work, words, or images inspire you (as we did to create this very publication)!

In the weeks ahead—as we all do our best to survive and thrive in these strange, often unsettling times—we hope that Constellation will serve as a vibrant reminder of the incredibly rich and innovative work that women across continents are making and sharing at this moment in history. Now, more than ever, we need bold women like the ones showcased here to create in the face of fear and uncertainty; to tell their stories as only they can tell them; to educate, empathize, and empower one another; to fight for their worth; and to find freedom and joy through art’s power and potential. After all, as our cover star, Scottish actress Freya Mavor, reminds us, failure comes with the territory when you’re fearlessly creating. The key is to learn from and embrace it as part of an ever-evolving process.

Thank you to everyone who took a chance on this project. Shining stars, all of you.


Jaclyn Bethany, Founding Editor / Creative Director

Olivia L. Aylmer, Founding Editor  / Editorial Director

Suze Myers, Designer / Art Director







A filmmaker who found her subjects—an all-girl skateboarding crew—on the subway. A former New York City ballet dancer turned fierce freelancer. An artist who advocates for women’s complete autonomy over their bodies and lives. Welcome to New York.




A visit to Monica Hofstadter’s dreamy Brooklyn studio



Ashley Yang-Thompson on painting as problem solving and combatting stereotypes about Chinese-American girlhood


Leaping into her Dreams

Courtney Celeste Spears, a dancer with Alvin Ailey, brings us into her life in the company


Kaitlyn Gilliland

Kaitlyn Gilliland on how she defines fearlessness, the importance of contradicting yourself, and how her ballet roots shaped her as a person


Daphne Zelle

The dancer and artist on learning to take yourself—and your work—seriously


Katerina Eng

The Juilliard dancer, on the verge of many things


Homes Away From Home

Five New York City writers reveal where they develop their bright ideas


Crystal Moselle & The Skate Kitchen

“I want to break rules, change things, and do things my way”


Follow These Feeds

Four women harnessing the power of Instagram to interrogate, inform, and inspire

NYC Talent Portfolio I

From The Get Down to Anastasia on Broadway, these young actresses are lighting up both screen and stage. Shot by Rebekah Campbell.


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The Sun-Drenched World of Wiissa’s Photography

The photography duo share some recent work


Adrienne Campbell-Holt

Constellation catches up with Brooklyn-based director Adrienne Campbell-Holt


Laura Luc and Kids of The Arts

Constellation spent an afternoon with Laura and a group of young actresses on the set of Kids of the Arts’ production of The Hundred Dresses


Julliard Girls

Zayira Ray photographed Bianca and Katherine, both first-year MFA acting students at the prestigious Juilliard School


Anna Crivelli

Anna offers us a glimpse into her life as a student at the prestigious Yale School of Drama


Jill Paice

Jill Paice, an up and coming star of the Great White Way talks about her childhood, inspirations and her work on Broadway


Lida Fox’s Film Hooligans

Meet Lida Fox, the founder of Film Hooligans: a collective of behind-the-scenes, diaristic photography taken by contributors across the globe.


the guineveres

Sarah Domet’s mesmerizing debut novel provides an escape into a magical, and sometimes brutal, feminine world

NYC Talent Portfolio II

From The Fits to The Diary of A Teenage Girl, meet the women who helped  bring to life some of the most strikingly honest portrayals of contemporary girlhood in recent years. Shot by Jacqueline Harriet.


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An artist and sound curator who created a collaborative musical time machine. An actress-turned-director who started her own groundbreaking theater company. A jewelry designer, filmmaker, and model whose new documentary fights for the future of endangered animals. Welcome to Paris.



Anna Pahlavi

The founder of Earth Gallery discusses her journey toward opening her own art space


Luna aguera

The Mexican-born poet, healer, and artist on how Paris feeds her creativity and the local artists currently inspiring her work

Paris Talent Portfolio I

From a jewelry designer who doubles as a documentary filmmaker to the founder of a musical time machine with plans to start a community vegetable garden, meet a group of women whose talents cannot be contained within a singular medium. Shot by Kristin Vicari.


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Paris Talent Portfolio ii

This vibrant mix of emerging actresses, directors, and musicians discuss the persistent problem of gender inequality in the arts, advice they would give to their younger selves, and their professional dreams for 2017. Shot by Stephanie Lou.


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Lost Literary Heroines

If we could concoct a must-read syllabus, these four titles—with their powerful female protagonists who radiate equal parts vulnerability and strength, as created by their equally powerful authors—would make the cut.







A photographer dedicated to building lasting relationships with her subjects and capturing their spirits through her lens. An actress working to revive Shakespearean works for the next generation. A designer who left a career in corporate insurance to pursue her passion and launch her own line. Welcome to London.


London Artist Portfolio

English poet, model, and filmmaker, Greta Bellamacina, hand-selected six women who let their imaginations run wild in their work: from poet Scarlett Sabet to award-winning actress Sophie Kennedy Clark. Shot by Jessie Lily Adams.


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London talent portfolio i

“We need to play the roles, write parts, sing the songs, direct the films, and take the photographs that aren’t traditionally expected of women. We need to show the world how capable we are.” -Emma Appleton

Shot by Chloe Sheppard. Styled by Hannah Sheen.


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london talent portfolio ii

“I think it is especially important in these uncertain times for all women to use their voices and to stand up not only for themselves, but for those around the world who are still unable to do so.” —Immy Waterhouse

Shot by Rosaline Shahnavaz. Styled by Hannah Sheen.


View the portfolio

London Talent Portfolio III

Meet five actresses—including our cover star, Freya Mavor—carving out their places as artists in today’s industry while also finding a balance between commercial and passion projects. Shot by Mafalda Silva. Styled by Hannah Sheen.


read the cover story


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editorial: india


Sunday Tide

Meet the women behind Constellation co-editor Jaclyn Bethany’s haunting short film, Sunday Tide


editorial: Patrycja



Meet seven models on the rise, as captured through Mafalda Silva’s lens

london theater portfolio

Meet a group of intellectually fierce women making waves in the London theater scene and beyond.


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By Rosalind Jana

Additional Features

From Birdman’s Andrea Riseborough to Chewing Gum’s Susan Wokoma, these London multi-talents show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Andrea Riseborough


Alice Fernandez


Jorunn Mulen


Jane McLeish-Kelsey


Susannah Baker-Smith



Katy Lawrence



Jodie Whittaker


Chloe Pirrie


Susan Wokoma


Morwenna Lytton Cobbold


Naomi Ackie


designer focus

Meet the brilliant minds behind Shrimps, Beautiful Soul, and Clio Peppiatt’s designs.







A pair of sisters-turned-musical partners who draw inspiration from David Bowie and Kate Bush. A painter set on modernizing the iconic “reclining nude” pose for twenty-first century women. An emerging actress whose television character transformed into an overnight cult sensation. Welcome to Los Angeles.



Day in the life: augusta dayton

The filmmaker and artist takes us through a day in sun-drenched LA


It Goes On: A Conversation with L.A. Artist Fay Ray

Ella Viscardi, co-founder (with Helen Shaper) of Matter of Hand, visits Fay Ray’s studio to discuss L.A.’s influence on her practice and her fascination with femininity.

L.A. Talent Portfolio

Meet 14 L.A.-based women whose directing, acting, and songwriting talents are lighting up the West Coast. Shot by Grace Pickering.


view the portfolio


Chelsea Lopez

This rising star, who started acting at age seven, has a busy year onscreen ahead


Lola Rose Thompson

“I’m inspired by women and their bodies, flowers and plants, and sometimes, Harry Potter.”


Desperate Los Angeles

Meet the woman behind Desperate, one of L.A.’s most refreshing boutiques, known for stocking little-known labels and independent female designers


Brianna Falcone

The musician discusses California choosing her, making art during oppressive political moments, and her debut EP


Louise Parker

Louise Parker shares a preview of her photographs, which offer a diaristic look into the fashion world, to be published in her forthcoming first book


A Lesson in Fearlessness

Catching up with former Mariinsky Ballet dancer Keenan Kampa


Sarah Hay

Dancer and actress Sarah Hay discusses her star turn on the STARZ series Flesh and Bone


Shannon Purser

We may all be Barb, but there’s only one Shannon Purser


Tara Violet Niami

“My fears, my dreams, the things I can’t put into words, I realize into my work.”


Paula Goldstein

The founder and adventurer beyond the digital travelogue Voyage D’etudes reveals how she got her start—and the most memorable place she’s visited thus far







A curious traveler, a camera, and a group of girls who shared in an unexpected photographic exchange. Welcome to Tokyo.



Editorial: Rina and julia take tokyo

Shot by Rosaline Shahnavaz.


Tokyo girls

“Although our conversations were mostly reduced to smiles and hand gestures, we shared a special exchange in the process of photographing one another.” Shot by Rosaline Shahnavaz.


tokyo diary

Scenes from photographer Jess Gough’s travels through Tokyo.