A photographer dedicated to building lasting relationships with her subjects and capturing their spirits through her lens. An actress working to revive Shakespearean works for the next generation. A designer who left a career in corporate insurance to pursue her passion and launch her own line. Welcome to London.


London Artist Portfolio

English poet, model, and filmmaker, Greta Bellamacina, hand-selected six women who let their imaginations run wild in their work: from poet Scarlett Sabet to award-winning actress Sophie Kennedy Clark. Shot by Jessie Lily Adams.


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London talent portfolio i

“We need to play the roles, write parts, sing the songs, direct the films, and take the photographs that aren’t traditionally expected of women. We need to show the world how capable we are.” -Emma Appleton

Shot by Chloe Sheppard. Styled by Hannah Sheen.


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london talent portfolio ii

“I think it is especially important in these uncertain times for all women to use their voices and to stand up not only for themselves, but for those around the world who are still unable to do so.” —Immy Waterhouse

Shot by Rosaline Shahnavaz. Styled by Hannah Sheen.


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London Talent Portfolio III

Meet five actresses—including our cover star, Freya Mavor—carving out their places as artists in today’s industry while also finding a balance between commercial and passion projects. Shot by Mafalda Silva. Styled by Hannah Sheen.


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editorial: india


Sunday Tide

Meet the women behind Constellation co-editor Jaclyn Bethany’s haunting short film, Sunday Tide


editorial: Patrycja



Meet seven models on the rise, as captured through Mafalda Silva’s lens

london theater portfolio

Meet a group of intellectually fierce women making waves in the London theater scene and beyond.


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By Rosalind Jana

Additional Features

From Birdman’s Andrea Riseborough to Chewing Gum’s Susan Wokoma, these London multi-talents show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.